Alpha Phi Omega

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Region I, Section 94
St. Anselm College Prospect

Region I, Section 96
Tufts University Prospect
Manchester Community College Prospect
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Prospect
Rho Delta Prospect - University of Rhode Island

Region I, Section 97
Gamma Delta Prospect - Baruch College - CUNY
Gamma Iota Prospect - Brooklyn college
Molloy College Prospect
SUNY Stony Brook Prospect
SUNY Purchase Prospect
Dominican College Prospect

Region I, Section 99
Omicron Theta Prospect - Monmouth University

Region II, Section 88
Marist college Prospect
Siena College Prospect

Region II, Section 89
SUNY Cortland Prospect

Region II, Section 90
Xi Pi Prospect - Lycoming College
Mansfield University of Pennsylvania Prospect
Messiah College Prospect
Eta Iota Prospect - Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Region II, Section 91
DeSales University Prospect

Region II, Section 92
Zeta Iota Prospect - Temple University
Lambda Upsilon Prospect - Ursinus College

Region III, Section 79
Xi Chi Prospect - Greensboro College

Region III, Section 80
Tau Delta Prospect -North Carolina Central University Prospect

Region III, Section 81
Mary Baldwin College Prospect
Bluefield College Prospect

Region III, Section 83
Eastern Mennonite University Prospect
Virginia Wesleyan College Prospect
Marymount University Prospect
Sigma Mu - Virginia Union University Prospect

Region III, Section 86
Mu Gamma Prospect - Morgan State University

Region IV, Section 69
Athens State University Prospect
Miles College Prospect

Region IV, Section 70
Lambda Chi Prospect - University of Memphis

Rhodes College Prospect

Region IV, Section 74
Psi Rho Prospect - University of North Florida
University of West Florida Prospect
sigma Chi Prospect - Miami Dade College
Alpha Pi Prospect - University of Miami

Region IV, Section 75
Chi Theta Prospect - Columbus State University
Psi Sigma Prospect - Albany State University

Region IV, Section 76
Reinhardt College Prospect
North Georgia College and State University Prospect
Psi Omicron Prospect - Morehouse college
Kennesaw State University Prospect

Region IV, Section 77
Francis Marion University Prospect
Omega Kapa Prospect - Coastal Carolina College
Anderson College Prospect

Region IV, Section 98
Inter American University - Ponce Prospect
Inter American University - Metropolitan Prospect

Region V, Section 56
clermont College Prospect
Iota Epsilon Prospect - Central State University
Alpha Beta Lambda Prospect - Wright State University

Region V, Section 59
Pi Gamma Prospect - Baldwin-Wallace College
Epsilon Phi Prospect - Youngstown State University

Region V, Section 61
Shepherd University Prospect
Omicron Gamma Prospect - West Virginia State University

Region V, Section 64
Thiel College Prospect
Butler County community College Prospect

Region V, Section 65
Wheeling Jesuit University Prospect
Geneva College Prospect

Region V, Section 66
University of Pittsburgh - Greensburg Prospect

Region V, Section 67
Eastern Kentucky University Prospect
Georgetown College Prospect

Region VI, Section 51
concordia University Prospect

Region VI, Section 52
Alpha Upsilon Interest Group - Depauw University
Tri-State University Prospect
Indiana University - East Prospect
Saint Mary Of The Woods Prospect
St. Joseph's College Prospect
Upsilon Phi Prospect - Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne
Alpha Beta Alpha Prospect - Indiana University - Southeast

Region VI, Section 55
Zeta Pi Prospect - Wayne State University
Lawrence Technological University Prospect
University of Michigan - Flint Prospect
Lake Superior State University Prospect

Region VII, Section 41
University of Texas at Tyler Interest Group
Iota Sigma Prospect - Midwestern State University
Omicron Omega Prospect - East Texas Baptist University
Tarrant County college SE Prospect
Brookhaven College Prospect
Texas Woman's University Prospect

Region VII, Section 43
Delta Chi Prospect - Texas A&M University - Kingsville
Lambda Xi Prospect - University of Texas-Pan American
St. Phillip's college Prospect
University of Texas - Brownsville Prospect
Sigma Gamma Prospect - San Antonio college
Alpha Beta Phi Prospect - Concordia University

Region VII, Section 44
Theta Rho Prospect - Sam Houston State University
University of St. Thomas Prospect
Theta Lambda Prospect - Rice University

Region VII, Section 45
Beta Phi Prospect - University of Louisiana - Lafayette
Gamma Upsilon Prospect - Tulane University of Louisiana
Kappa Eta Prospect - University of Southern Mississippi
Psi Lambda Prospect - Rust college

Region VIII, Section 26
Alpha Theta Prospect - University of Nebraska - Omaha

Region VIII, Section 30
Lambda Psi Prospect - University of Northern Colorado
xi Epsilon Prospect - University of Wyoming
Johnson & Wales Prospect
Region VIII, Section 32
University of Central Oklahoma Prospect
Phi Pi Prospect - Langston University

Region VIII, Section 33
Omega Pi Prospect - Arkansas State University - Jonesboro
Pi Alpha Prospect - Philander Smith College

Region VIII, Section 34
Epsilon Alpha Prospect - Emporia state University

Region VIII, Section 35
Beta Upsilon Prospect - Northwest Missouri State University

Region VIII, Section 49
Deaconess College of Nursing Prospect
Beta Xi Prospect - Westminster College

Region IX, Section 27
Epsilon Upsilon Prospect - University of Wisconsin - Oshkosk
Kappa Gamma Prospect - University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
Lambda Sigma Prospect - University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Region X, Section 1
Psi Prospect - University of California - Santa Barbara
Nu Tau Prospect - California State University - Northridge
DeVry University - Long Beach Prospect
Phi Delta Prospect - California State Polytechnic University - Pomona
Chi Delta Prospect - Peperdine University

Region X, Section 2
Arizona State University - East
Mesa Community College Prospect
University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Omega Sigma Prospect - California State University - Fullerton

Region X, Section 4
Great Basin College Prospect

Region X, Section 13
Iota Psi Prospect - University of Utah

Region XI, Section 7
Eta Omega Prospect - University of Montana
Epsilon Rho Prospect - Eastern Washington University
Gonzaga University Prospect

Region XI, Section 8
Western Washington University Petitioning Group
Iota Iota Prospect - Portland State University
Upsilon Epsilon Prospect - Central Oregon Community College
University of Alaska SE Juneau Petitioning Group
University of Alaska Anchorage Prospect
University of Alaska SE Ketchikan Prospect

Region XI, Section 10
Boise State University Prospect

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